Digital Design and BIM

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Digital Design and BIM 

Digital Design and BIM
We are working at the forefront of technology in the built environment. We’re leaders in BIM, digital design and other advanced facility and asset management tools. We know that digital design can be head-spinningly complex. We make it simple for you, reducing risk and bringing peace of mind to your project. Our digital design team integrates seamlessly into Warren and Mahoney projects to deliver coordinated models and projects that align with our client’s exact needs for coordination, delivery and ongoing facility management. Our team also offers standalone digital design and BIM consultancy services, often acting client-side to ensure projects are set up for success.

From BIM strategy and guidance, information definition and capture, and development of comprehensive BIM Execution Plans and RFP documentation, our team cuts through complexity so our clients can proceed with confidence. 

We take the legwork out of managing consultants, contractors, and sub-trades by streamlining technical coordination and communication. It’s our job to guide, advise, explain and trouble-shoot every step of the way, making sure everyone along the chain has the tools and knowledge to do their bit.  
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Fabiana Almeida
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