Collective Practice

Designing with - not for

We’re a tight-knit collective of almost 400 creative minds in six core locations across the Pacific. Adventure is in our DNA and we're excited by the challenge and possibilities of how design can meet the needs of a rapidly changing world. 



By 2030, our goal – with our clients – is that all new projects designed by WAM will be net-carbon zero in operation, be 50% more energy efficient and have 40% less embodied carbon. We have invested in world leading technology and low-carbon design experts to deliver on this aspiration. We have been a certified carboNZero business since 2007 and we believe in the power of collective effort, innovation and ambition to amplify change. 

While it may hurt human pride knowing that in the name of progress we’ve made poor choices in the past, modern science shows going carbon neutral is now the right thing to do for the future of our planet and the generations that follow us.


We know that true partnership with Indigenous Peoples gives rise to places and spaces which are unique and powerful expressions of our civic identity, where the social and environmental outcomes are manifest. In response, the practice has established an Advanced Indigenous Design Unit - Te Matakīrea - led by a new generation of indigenous architects, to explore the places where we live, work and play, and their deepest cultural foundations. 

Indigenous cultures have relevance to everyone - they offer seminal lessons as we search for ways to solve the problems of our time. 


Working at the forefront of technology in the built environment, we view innovation as a competitive advantage for our clients and we bring cutting edge technology and insights to our project work. We’re leaders in BIM, parametric design, carbon modelling and the utilisation of other advanced facility and asset management tools. This expertise can be provided as a standalone service or as part of an integrated design team.

The outlook for design technology is exciting. From rapid ideation, testing and visualisation, to automation and quality control, we can unlock new workflows that deliver value and mitigate risk. 


Architecture is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We like to be thorough, yet flexible, because remarkable work isn’t built on rules. Instead we seek to design at the intersection of culture, sustainability and technology, which is a framework that values intuition, experience and perception. It’s a way of working that allows enormous potential for creative thinking.


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