Australia's first 6 Star Green Star aquatic facility

Northcote Aquatic Recreation Centre

The City of Darebin sought to meet the community’s expanding leisure needs in its redevelopment of the Northcote Aquatic and Recreation Centre (NARC). Surpassing this, a new Australian benchmark for aquatic facility design, functionality, and experience has been achieved.
The Northcote Aquatic Recreation Centre wants for nothing when compared with the finest hotel pools. The facility, which has just opened its doors to a design by Warren and Mahoney, marks a departure for aquatic centres of its kind.
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Bringing together the passion and expertise of the design team, contractor, suppliers and sub-contractors, Warren and Mahoney were able to bring the aquatic centre into the modern age.
The Local Project

Collective Effort

Collective Effort

Daryl Maguire
Executive Team, Principal
Brett Diprose
Associate Principal
James Ryan
Patrick Cetoupe
Senior Associate
Emily Newmarch
2024 - Australian Sport, Recreation and Play Innovation Awards - Overall Winner 2024 - Australian Sport, Recreation and Play Innovation Awards - Category Winner - Places and Spaces Design 2024 - Rethinking the Future Awards - Sport & Recreation - Built - Second Award 2024 Australian Institute of Architects - Victoria Chapter Awards - Sustainable Architecture - Finalist