A positive pedagogical impact

King's School Centennial Project

The King's School Centennial Project provides the school with an answer to the perpetual question: 'how do students most effectively learn today and how can this environment adjust to constant change in a rapidly changing world?'
What we have in this building is a flexible environment that encourages collaboration with others, while at the same time providing more intimate spaces for individual and reflective learning. This is achieved without losing the strong personal relationship between each individual student and his teacher. It’s the best of both worlds.
Tony Sissions - Headmaster, King’s School

Collective Effort

Collective Effort

Sarah Hewlett-Diprose
Matt Reid
2018 NZIA Auckland Architecture Awards - Education 2018 PCNZ National Awards - Education - Excellence 2018 PCNZ National Awards - Education - Best in Category 2016 NZIOB Site Safe Safety Excellence Award