Capturing the essence of ACMI and their inclusive and creative heart

ACMI Workplace

Located in the heart of Melbourne’s Federation Square, ACMI celebrates the wonder and power of the world’s most democratic artform – fostering the next generation of makers, players and watchers. Their new workplace experience represents a unique offering, embodied through a physical experience of their industry leading brand.
Working with Warren and Mahoney has been a rewarding collaboration. They’ve worked with ACMI to deliver a functional, contemporary design that puts creativity on display in a workplace designed for collaboration. Relocating our team from Southbank to the museum – alongside our galleries, studios, cinemas and labs – is helping us to drive stronger connections across ACMI through greater collaboration and cross-pollination between our staff, co-working residents and our Fed Square colleagues.
ACMI Head of Technical Services, Aaron Hock
One of the best anecdotes from the initial workshop was from a member of the team who said, ‘I come here as an accountant but leave as a creative’. The whole workplace was designed to connect people to what they do and engage them in the process because, ultimately, everybody who works there contributes in some way to these creative expressions and outcomes.
Tamara White, Warren and Mahoney Project Principal

Collective Effort

Collective Effort

Tamara White
David Hoad
Senior Associate
Scott Compton
Head of Design, Principal