Bringing design aspiration and intent to life with Fabiana Almeida

January 24, 2024
In this quickfire Q&A, we chat to Fabiana to understand her view of the world, and some of the exciting technological advancements and trends predicted to shape the future of the AEC industry.

Tell us about yourself. What inspired you to choose a career in the AEC industry?

I was born and raised in Sao Paulo, a city of extremes and fascinating megalopolis, where architectural marvels coexist with glaring examples of neglect and inequality.

The experiences I had at both ends of this spectrum were a catalyst for my decision to pursue a career in architecture, especially as I came to realise the profound impact the built environment has on shaping the fabric of our lives and our collective future.

Could you share some insights into your professional journey and the path that led you to your current role?

I started my career in Brazil as an architect, following seven years of training at the University of Sao Paulo and the Technical University of Berlin.

Despite my fascination for designing buildings, it didn't take me long to find my true passion in the project delivery phase - a realisation that coincided with my return to Germany, two years after graduating.

For the next six years, I delved into the art of documenting and detailing buildings. The pinnacle of this period was my involvement in co-documenting a €200m entertainment district in Berlin - a project that naturally generated a wealth of data and engaged hundreds of professionals.

The significance of structured information, collaboration and efficient processes fascinated me. As a result, I went back to university and specialised in BIM. I have been actively working in the digital space since completing this training, in 2018, and I absolutely love what I do.

Can you tell us about your role at Warren and Mahoney?

I joined Warren and Mahoney shortly after relocating to Australia, in June 2020. In my current role, I serve in two capacities: I am a member of the Inter-Studio Digital Support Team, where I am responsible for providing digital support in our Sydney studio; and I also serve as a BIM Manager within the Inter-Studio Advanced BIM Team.

This dual role allows me to contribute to a diverse range of projects in Sydney and beyond, all in alignment with our "One Studio" approach. At Warren and Mahoney, our digital expertise is at the forefront of the industry, and it's exciting to be part of the ongoing discussions on how this proficiency is transforming new projects.

Lately, I've been particularly drawn to the powerful use of digital tools to advance sustainable practices. Thanks to our highly skilled sustainability team and their implementation of assessment tools, we are able to harness the power of data from our BIM models to drive us toward achieving higher quality, environmentally friendly outcomes, while also effectively informing both our teams and clients about the advantages and values of choosing eco-conscious design options.

What technological advancements and trends do you foresee shaping the future of the AEC industry over the next decade?

The future is set to revolutionise our industry. I anticipate the widespread adoption of digital twins, augmented and virtual reality, and an increased commitment to sustainability. Automation, AI, 3D printing and pre-fabrication will significantly streamline design and construction processes. Cloud-based project platforms will boost global collaboration, and smart cities will pave the way for more efficient, interconnected urban spaces. It's an exciting time to be in this field, and I look forward to the positive changes ahead!