New library and community centre, Te Ara Ātea, to provide anchor point for the community of Rolleston

May 8, 2019
After extensive consultation with Selwyn Council, Te Taumutu and the Champions group, a new library and community centre development will be constructed to serve Rolleston’s diverse community.

Rolleston has seen significant growth post the Christchurch earthquake, and is one of the fastest growing residential districts in New Zealand.

Celebrating the district’s heritage and people, the centre will contain performance and community spaces and a library, providing a place for learning and connecting.

A central element of the design is the open public space, which will connect the town centre to Te Ara Ātea. Raised gardens with seating, water features, a kids zone, an area for performances and farmers’ markets and community events will be part of the food and beverage facilities supporting this new town centre.

The area has been designed so that people can move freely between the indoor environment of Te Ara Ātea and the outdoor spaces that encourage community gathering, activities, recreation and reflection.

Principal Jonathan Coote said, “We participated in extensive consultation with the Selwyn Council, Te Taumutu and the Champions group to gain an understanding of what the community needed. The result is a space for the community that assimilates a cultural narrative reflecting the diverse community. The multi-modal functionality and design is a testament to this people-centric approach.”

Construction is expected to begin mid 2019.